Jac's Morrowind Mods


My new companion Morte has been released. Thanks to Danae and Lokichan for giving me the idea. :) Morte is the grinning skull on the right side of my banner. With his release, I decided to update the site and include a means to contact me.

I've been working off and on making a Fallout 3 version of Jasmine. Anyone is welcomed to download and test her. I would appreciate the feedback. She's not currently voiced because Elaura and I don't have a sound-proof recording studio and I haven't figured out how to add the default voices to her. If someone wouldn't mind doing that, I would also appreciate it. I will continue working on her once her family's compound is built and I think of some new ideas. I have a few, it's just a matter of implementing and testing them.

I've also been working off and on with a male Nord companion for Morrowind called Wolfie. Writer's block has stopped progress on that, but with Morte done and released, I'll probably be starting on him again. Like FO3's Jasmine, he's a fully functioning companion, he just doesn't have much to say right now.