Jac's Morrowind Mods

Keening Reforged, by KiteFlyer61, Jac, and Elaura

This mod gives the player an opportunity to have Keening reforged into one of six other weapon types. The player can choose between an ax, a longsword, a quarterstaff, a mace, a crossbow, and a spear. The new weapon retains the same stats and enchantments as the original Keening, even the same name. You will have to wear wraithguard to safely wield the new weapon as well.

Once you have obtained Keening, speak with Yagram Bagarn in the corprusarium beneath Tel Fyr. Bring the required items: 10,000 gold, 100 dwemer coins, and the weapon you want keening converted into (dwarven war axe, dwarven spear, dwarven claymore, dwarven mace, dwarven halberd [for quarterstaff], or dwarven crossbow). After 14 days, return to be given Keening in its new form. The transformation can only be done once, so make sure you choose the one you really want.

Please note that Kitefyler61 is providing support for this mod. You can contact him at kiteflyer61@yahoo.com; please put "Keening Reforged" in the email subject.


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