Jac's Morrowind Mods



This mod adds a female Redguard named Jasmine who will join you in your adventures provided you do her a favor first. I wrote most of her dialogue to revolve around the Main Quest (MQ), so those not doing it will miss out on quite a bit of the mod. She does have her own backstory and a quest that you'll be able to partcipate in should you keep her around. Male characters will have the option to romance her.

I use an updated version of Grumpy's companion template and scripting system that includes companion leveling, levitation ability, warping and water breathing created by Melian. Jasmine can be played by any level character at any stage of the MQ, but it is preferable to find her before you start the MQ. This mod has a telepathy ring similiar to what Kateri's Julan mod uses. I've included Grumpy's default NPC leveling script as well as an alternative leveling system created for me by Melian; Jasmine will level up when you do after you sleep for at least one hour - waiting will not level her up. If you tell Jasmine to concentrate on her scout skills, she will only level up the following skills:

Majors: Light Armor, Marksman, Restoration, Block, Long Blade.

Minors: Sneak, Unarmored, Medium Armor, Short Blade, Athletics.

If you change how she levels, you will need to rest for at least an hour for her skills to reset, but you can switch as often as you like.


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